Frequently Asked Questions

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Pet Health ID Cards

We prefer to mail ID Cards to your clients on a weekly basis for the previous week's business. This keeps your clients extremely happy and creates a very small window for turnaround time. That's the way we like it.

You flag certain service codes to be Pet Health ID Card triggers and everytime a pet receives that code, our system sends them a card. We install a very uninstrusive piece of software on one clinic computer and it sends us your information every evening to stay current. Simple as that!

Yes, you may! Any color combination of your liking is available. See the Pet Health ID Card page to view a few samples.

Each ID Card comes with what we call a "Welcome" letter. It's mailed with your return address and addressed to the client as if from you. It teaches them about the benefits behind the Pet Health ID Card, educates them on how to login to their ProActive Patient Portal, and informs them of any other topics you may choose- specials, news, etc.

Reminder Postcards

We mail reminders once a week. We compile reminder data on Mondays and ship them out with bulk mail on Tuesdays.

Through the VetScene ProActive Portal, our robust email service tracks and reminds your clients when they're due and past due for health services. Our postcard reminders work the same way, except they're mailed directly to your clients. We designed our printing program to integrate with the Patient Portal. You can see which clients received an email reminder, and who viewed that reminder, and choose whether to mail another reminder to them. It's efficient, innovative, and saves your practice from wasteful spending.

We can design your reminder setup however you request it. Endless customization options are available. Simply indicate your desires or choices with your New Client Specialist.